Hiatus Over and a New Chapter Begins

Hello everyone,

The past few months have been very hectic for me; the reason as to why I haven’t posted a blog in about a month or so. I have been preparing for a new chapter in my life. As a recent graduate from university, I have been a little lost in terms of the path I wanted to take in my career. Initially, I wanted to enrol in a Maters program for Speech Language Pathology, but decided against it once I realized the high academic marks required to be accepted (just being HONEST!). Not saying that I am ruling out the option, but at this point in my life I am not interested in returning to school. I’ve always enjoyed working with children, more specifically children with disabilities, and the field of Education, but I just haven’t figured out exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Nonetheless, a year ago I decided to take a TESOL course because for the sake of it and I’ve always wanted to travel. So, I figured teaching children abroad would be “killing two birds with one stone”. Fast track to July 2014, I had an interview with a reputable company called English First in China, and I am offered an English Instructor Position. Since then I have been busily sending documents, scanning important books (which are too heavy to bring), informing my mother about China, while also learning about the ins and outs for myself, being nervous and excited, mentally preparing myself for living abroad in an unfamiliar place that does not speak much English, and trying to spend as much time as I can with family and friends. Needless to say there has been a lot to do in a short period of time.

However, I am holding on to my strength because I know that I will definitely need it while I am in China. I have about two more weeks left in Canada and I have finally been hit with the realization. These past few days have been bitter sweet; resigning from my job of five years, taking note of the weeks on the calendar, and realizing that I will be in close contact with my family and close friends for the last time before flying out. I know that this will be a great experience for me, but at this currently moment I sometimes doubt myself asking, “ Am I ready to move out of my family home”? I also, find the situation quite funny, in that this will be my first time living on my own and I choose to go half way across the world. Some people have commended me on my bravery; I ponder if it actually is. Of course I will soon find out.

Lastly, during my time abroad, I hope to transform this blog into something. That SOMETHING I have no clue at this point. What I do know is that I will be documenting my experience abroad and possibly post daily blogs.  Stay tuned !!!!


Keera Bee