New Beginnings

Written on Sept 4th ’13.

Today marks the first day of school for many children, teenagers, and adults in Canada; with people experiencing different emotions such as anxiety, excitement, and nervousness. I found it befitting to write this piece, because this is my first entry for this blog which brings along the same feelings as those children, teenagers, and adults either beginning school for the first time or returning for another year. Today was the first time that I, have not had to experience ‘first day jitters’ pertaining to school; yet, as I look back to my school days I realize that ‘the jitters’ remained every year. To expand, every chapter in our lives brings forth these same emotions; whether one is beginning a new job or career, newly married or becoming parents. I have always wanted to create a space to express my opinions, but have always discouraged myself from doing so in fear of embarrassment or (more often) laziness. My main question has always been will anyone even read this? My main goal in life is to mentor and help others in any way I can. Over the years, I’ve watched people upload videos on YouTube talking about various life topics, and realized how they have influenced and inspired other people watching these videos. Therefore, as of today I have decided to enter the world of blogs in written form and maybe down the line I’ll try video form. Yikes! As a new school year has begun, I find September to be a month for a fresh start. New beginnings allow us to grow and learn more about ourselves and others. For those of you who had the “first day jitters” this morning, just go with the flow and relax. Try to foresee all the amazing this lessons you will learn and opportunities you will experience in the coming months. Just remember new beginnings are scary, exciting, and nerve racking all at once, but rewarding in the end.

See you later alligators,Kera B.

Stop Wishing, Start Doing!