Writer’s Block !!!

Howdy all, my apologies for the hiatus. I’ve been extremely busy with getting things sorted for a new chapter in my life as well as dealing with writer’s block. Ugh so annoying. In the beginning of July I had a topic in mind. “Is it an insult to a woman to be called ‘girl? ‘” Due to becoming extremely busy I began writing the introduction for this piece and then left it for about a month, and then forgot the points that I was supposed to address.

Moreover, I took a look back at this topic and began to wonder whether it was actually something I wanted to write about. I realized that if I was to knit pick at every topic in life I would be writing and analyzing for days and months. I figured that referring to a woman as girl, depends on the context and tone in which you use it. If it is used in a condescending tone, then ‘yes’ it becomes degrading to the woman, but if one is using the term in a friendly manner then who am I to deny the use of the word.

As I am currently stumped on what to write, this will be a short piece. I hope to continue on with coming up with topics to write about in the near future.


Kera B.