Have You Dealt with Rejection ?

As human beings we deal with rejection on a regular basis. Weather it be pertaining to school, career, or social life. No one is immune to it. The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘rejection’ as dismissing or refusing a proposal, idea, etc. Honestly, and I speak for myself, when I am rejected by someone or a position I take it personally. As much as I try not to I do; over and over again. Relatively speaking it has never been the end of the world (yet), but at the particular moment I feel as though I am being targeted and my life is ruined. I tend to think to myself “If only,” and “What If’s” about the situation and then I think about it some more, and some more. Until I drive myself insane. And create ridiculous situations in my mind. 

Okay, but I doubt I am the only one that thinks like this. Am I ? Maybe. My biggest problem is that I dwell on EVERYTHING, and ANALYZE everything. I admit I am quite sensitive, so when I get embarrassed or rejected I take that stuff personally; even if it wasn’t mean’t to be. Lately, due to rejection I’ve been experiencing bouts of the ‘Blues.’ I am not too sure what to call them. Which lead me into a spiral of keeping to myself and watching YouTube videos and movies on my laptop. Because let’s face it at this point the lives of others seem to be much better than mine.(This is where my mind is at this particular moment) Moving on… 

I recently watched a video on YT by Taren Guy about living in the present moment and being grateful for life. I know this and try to take this approach on a daily basis. But those times when I get rejected I am pushed down and feel useless and forget about the wonderful things in my life. Rejection causes me to think about the negatives rather than focusing on the positives. I also realize that life has its ups and downs. As of right now, I have debts, as a recent graduate, living the single life (oh yea!), and searching for a full time job, all this has been draining (aside from being single). Let me point out that the single life is a double edged sword- its lovely because I am not tied down, but then at times I wish I had that one amazing person by my side. Wow how did this turn into me discussing about my non-existent dating life. Back to business… 

Where was I ? Oh yea- I try to remain positive when life throws rocks, stones- I was searching for a quirky saying. Anyways, I generally try to keep my spirits high when things are not turning out the way I want them to and believe in the saying that everything happens when you least expects it or everything happens for a reason. Being rejected by someone you are crushing on, or the job you really wanted, or the Uni/ College you have wanted to attend since you were in diapers -well probably not that early but you get what I mean, IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. In this instance the Caps are for emphasis, I am not yelling. But, all I am trying to convey is that life goes on and we shouldn’t spend our lives dwelling on what should/ could have been. As a thoughtful,handsome, Blue-eyed man once told me (since I analyze life I needed this told to me more than once), “Live in the moment.” And I would add, don’t focus on the past because it does not allow one to move on and experience all that life has to offer. 

I will leave you all with this, when rejected give yourself a couple of hours to a day to be a Debby Downer, but as soon as possible pick yourself back up and search for the positive of the situation. Continue on with life… 



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