Just appreciate the music

An amazing live performance by UUH

On the evening of May 13th, I saw Uh Huh Her (UHH) live at the MOD Club in Toronto. It seems to be quite a difficult name to pronounce and explain to others. The band comprises of two amazing musicians who play guitar and keyboard, Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey. Fans of ‘The L Word’,’ may remember Leisha Hailey as Alice Pieszecki; a Journalist for L.A Magazine, who was only the self-proclaimed bisexual in a group of Lesbians.

My first reaction to the evening was that there was not going to be many people because let’s face it when I tell people about this band, the common response is “‘What the [beep] did you just say’ or ‘Who is Leisha Hailey,’ or better yet ‘what is The L Word?’ ” I guess I just haven’t been interacting with the right people because the turnout was great. The crowd consisted of well, WOMEN! And then there were some partners that seemed as though they were forced to attend- that’s always never easy to miss. As it was my first time at the MOD Club- I’ve passed it many of times- I would like to mention that the venue is really nice and small. What I loved most was that there were options to sit down. Thank YOU! Since I attended the concert on my own, I resorted to sitting, because if I stood on the dance floor I would not see a thing.

The night began with an energizing set by D.J Kim Anh. Female D.J’s – sexy, and awesome! She pumped up the crowd with a set combing House, Garage, and Reggae. As I was alone, I felt that I was better able to keenly listen to the mixture of her amazing beats, along with watching her energetic dance moves. After her amazing set, UHH took center stage. Note: As Kim was jumping and pumping up the crowd, I glimpsed the shadow of Leisha in the ‘green room;’ which took away my attention for just a bit. Moving on, Camila and Leisha took center stage and looked beautiful. They began with “Common Reaction;” one of my most favourite songs.  Well, I loved the entire set! They sound amazing live. Watching Leisha playing guitar and keyboard live-SO sexy.  Ugh she has such a cute laugh. Gosh if it’s not apparent yet, I do have a bit of a crush on her.

I would also like to mention, the time of the concert was great for me, not too late to become restless and lose interest, and ended at a decent hour. After the performance, they did an encore due to people chanting “ENCORE!” (of course what else would they yell). So they came back on stage, and I decided that this was a good time to buy some “MERCH” aka merchandise before the crowd arrived at the table. I bought a t-shirt. Although both DJ and Musicians mentioned that they would be at the MERCH table to sign and say hello, I decided to head out right after the last song. Although they are amazing musicians, I really don’t care about getting signatures and let’s face it the whole situation would be loud leading to awkwardness. I’d like to meet UHH in a different setting, possibly at a smaller and quieter  venue.

Overall, the evening was amazing. I enjoyed my second concert; first in an enclosed venue. I will never forget my first, ‘Tegan and Sara’ with FUN at Downsview Park last summer- AWESOME! This was also my first time going to a concert alone, which I fairly enjoyed. As part of situations to break me out of my comfort zone, this seems to be a comfort-zone breaker. I took some footage, but wanted to experience the show with reduced amount of digital devices. I’m glad that everything worked out and I was able to catch them on their ‘Future Souls Tour.’