“I want it NOW !”

Just say “Abra-cadabra!” and all your dreams will come true.  As an individual born in the 1990s, I am considered apart of ‘Generation Y’, also known as the Millennial Generation.  Wikipedia (not a trust worthy site at all) states that there is no precise beginning and end years, but typically researchers have noted that Generation Y spans from 1980s to early 2000s. I have heard older generations describe us as wanting things in an instant, selfish, but also having a strong sense of community, both local and global.

As a child, I was always told that I could be anything that I wanted to be in the future, which I think has been a benefit, as well as, a cost. The benefit as a female of African –Caribbean descent is that I challenged the notion of “why nots;” why can’t I be the CEO of a company like so many white males in this world? I don’t have to limit myself to fulfilling “female” career roles such as teacher, or nurse.  I do not believe that there are actual costs to thinking that I could be anything thing in the world, but I will admit sometimes my mind takes me to places where I think that I should have things handed to me. Previously, probably our parents and grandparents, when they began working started off small. They were probably involved in internship positions, worked for little than nothing, and worked their way up the career ladder. I feel that sometimes, I only speak for myself; I want to be up on top of that career ladder now. I want that awesome full time job that allows me to travel, teach, write, and so much more RIGHT NOW! Granted, I’ve only been out of school for about four months.  There are moments when I begin to think that I’ve just finished five years of university and I should have a decent “adult” job by now, and NO I will not work at some bar or grocery store. I am too EDUCATED to work at places that require a high-school diploma. This is where the problem lies. The notion of I’m too good to work here and there because I have a degree (from a prestigious university might I add). Of course, I am not saying that as post-secondary graduates we should demote ourselves; the point I am trying to make is that we shouldn’t walk around with the notion that we are too good for menial jobs. Unfortunately, we still have to pay bills and eat right? All I am saying is that through growing in an instant generation, we need to slow down and take note of the opportunities around us. Maybe while working as a bartender, you meet a customer and begin talking and find out they work for an organization that you really want to work for. NETWORKING! Those days when I take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life, (oh by the way it is always important to hustle for what you want in life) and realize that I won’t be working at my dream job in the next month or two without making contacts and experience, I keep in mind that starting from the bottom doesn’t mean I am less than.

Starting at the bottom as an intern or volunteer, means that I am absorbing experiences that I can cultivate as part of my skills for when I am ready to make the step into the career world.  Past experiences of volunteering and internships/ co-ops, also allow us to become humble and appreciate those beginnings once we reach our dream destination. So at this stage of my life, I am learning how to connect with others that may help me out in the long run, taking some time to volunteer or intern, and keeping in mind that things in life don’t always come in an instant.

Stop wishing & Start doing!

-Kera Bee


One thought on ““I want it NOW !”

  1. […] “I want it NOW !”. How many felt this? Wow great article. Hit the nail on the head. Volunteering is humbling but so rewarding and to start fresh. That’s why I’ve decided to leave a lucrative career and start a 2nd career. To open my mind.  Leave ego. The power of now […]

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